Saturday, January 30, 2010


I admit that paperwhites are my favorite bulbs to grow, because the flowers stay in bloom for at least 3 weeks here in Qatar. I planted those indoor and they tend to get very high, and when I planted those outdoors they grew just fine and not so tall.

I purchased once paperwhites from Home Depot in Houston and the bulb size was small. Later I found on the web Easy To Grow Bulbs who have all different kinds of paperwhites. Those bulbs were so big they produce 2 to 3 stems filled with flowers.

So I received my order from easytogrowbulbs and I planted all of them outdoors except for these 4. I'm experimenting with different decorating styles for growing bulbs indoors. So I had those cubic glass vases and all I needed was Spanish Moss, Gravel Rocks and some potting soil.

I only added a little of potting soil just to make sure that the vase stays wet.


  1. Interesting! I've never grown paperwhites but have always wanted to. And I love those cubic vases. I think they would make fantastic planters for phalaenopsis orchids but I'm not too sure about the lack of drainage. How do you handle that?

  2. Thanks!

    There is no drainage. I only added little water in the vase. This should be ok with paperwhites. They are already around 2 inches tall. Just to make sure i check regularly if the soil is dry or not. Paperwhites have no problems at all.. only that the leaves bend when they grow tall. But u can tie them in a way to prevent them from leaning over. Its fun to grow those.

  3. Wonderful, aren't they. These the toughest bulbs i have come across. They do not need water at all except the first time. Wonderful post ibrahim, do post the blooms pics.