Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orange Orchids

At the garden center. I'm never tempted now to try growing orchids. Some say it's easy (just leave the orchid alone). I tried many times at different locations, different temperatures, different types... doesn't seem to rebloom again. I do enjoy orchids in their pots more than the cut flowers and it's enough for me to see new colors and varieties at the garden centers!



  1. These orchids are so gorgeous! I like the colour.

  2. Those are beautiful. My experiences with orchids have been mixed - some have been very reliable bloomers once I figured out a care routine that they liked, while others have continually eluded me. In our old house I had a whole bunch that were doing well in one particular window but in my parents' new house I have not been able to find a spot in which they are happy.

  3. I too have experienced exactly like what you have mentioned. Still keeping my fingers crossed hoping one day they bloom again.
    Yeah - orchids are difficult for me, but when they do bloom - Im very sure I will be very excited.