Friday, November 5, 2010


It's been a productive weekend at the garden! I've pruned many plants and trees, I re arranged all of the pots, I tried to get rid of the mealy bugs (white fluffy pests), there are many of them around my hibiscus and lantana plants. I used tissue paper to whipe them off the leaves and stems, I know they are coming back but this week I'll have the pest control guy to come and spray these little pests, also I've noticed my newly potted Marigold leaves are eaten.

This bougainvillea which I showed previuosly in many posts, bloomed again while having the older blooms on!! I'm amazed how these are in bloom for months now.

My miniture rose 2nd bloom cycle with many buds yet to open! thanks to the Rose food!

One of my few cactus around the garden. Small ones only!

The gladious are doing good!!

On the left, 2 Jasmine. I trained them against my living room window. I potted these last summer, it's amazing how they are growing fast. I put them on top of a container with new potting mix so the roots will have more room to grow. I need hight so they reach the window and they need more soil to continue to grow!

That's my torch glow bougainvillea, first of them all! the pot is so small that the roots tend to break the cement underneath. So I put them on top of another pot with new soil. The roots are out of the pot already so I'm afraid I'll disturb them, as they are so sensitive.

Summer is over but these Portulacas (Summer Jewels) are still in bloom.

A current view of my garden front border!

5 hanging pots with white & pink bougainvillea. It seem to be doing good.

bougainvillea collection again!

When I got this miniture rose, the color was yellow. Now it has a different color. I really like it! very spicy!!

This rose is so beautiful in real life. The blooms are so huge but the plant size is not that big (it will not grow any bigger according to the garden center).

Bougainvillea Bonsai.


  1. So many bougainvilleas! Do you have any planted out in the ground as well?

  2. Yes i have 9 in the garden and newly planted 9 at the front gate, many are small varieties and standards. I do have lots of them! Have u planted bougainvilleas?