Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oleander is flowring at the moment. I was against growing this plant inside the garden because one day I'll have a kid running around and who knows picks a leave or two!

My mother gave me this one plus 3 other ones that I never found a suitable place to plant them. This one in the picture I planted it outside the house.
The flowers are really nicely fragrant!


  1. Ibrahim, I love the oleander!! BUT, I just removed mine because I found out how deadly it is! Apparently one leaf can kill and adult. Having 2 children, 2 dogs and a bird made my decision to remove it from my landscape. Don't you just love them, though? And their perfume is heavenly! Do you suffer from the nasty oleander caterpillar?

  2. It's too dangerous for pets as well.. It's terrible when I think about it.. but it's widely grown here. My mother have them all over her garden,, I keep telling her it's dangerous but she just loves the flowers on them that blooms all year!